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meet your maverick

Hey legend! I’m Sal, 

And I’m not gonna lie I used to be sh*t at SEO.

I mean, ya gal was trying but all of the SEO trainings out there were so convoluted and complex… I deffo nearly threw my laptop out the window several times over.  

Then after months of work, some articles were starting to rank on page one on my travel blog and I could FINALLY could see exactly WHY. 

And I knew that all the experts out there were just complicating things that were infact, simple AF when explained in actual English.

Now, after nailing my SEO for me and my product and service based clients several times over. 

And learning more about what gets results fastest for LOTS of different clients, instead of burying my head in the sand worrying about ticking 200 checkboxes to Get Found on Google… I now have a simple 6 step framework that works every f*cking time and this 16-point checklist encompasses that. 

I’ve made this SIMPLE AF. It won’t overwhelm you and you’re gonna see how easy this stuff gets to be – sound good?

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