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I’m Sally, Chief Marketing Maverick and Founder of 49 North Digital. I’m here to help freedompreneurs like you move mountains with your marketing.

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full stack marketing - Join the waitlist

Ready to trigger an avalanche of leads to your online biz? Join the waitlist today and take the first step on your journey to true business freedom. I’ll let you know when a retainer space opens up.

Pinterest Mini Course

Learn how I got an extra half a million eyes on my content from just 49 posts! Plus learn everything you need to know about keyword research on Pinterest, how to get sought out by ideal clients & make your content last for years not just 24 hours! 

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mockup of SEO Optimised Chat GPT Prompts

chat gpt prompts

Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, trying to write website copy that’s both SEO-friendly and engaging? Have you been putting off writing your website copy for longer than you care to admit?

I’ve got you! These SEO-optimized ChatGPT prompts have gone full mountain rescue mode and are not only here to save the day, but will save you endless hours, sleepless nights and thousands of pounds on your copy.

book a marketing power hour

Overcome your greatest marketing obstacles and leave with a clear, unobstructed view of the marketing strategy most aligned with you.

These sessions allow us to deep dive into one core aspect of your marketing strategy so we can solve the specific problem that’s costing you money in your biz. Off the back of these calls, clients have gone from being friend zoned to making their investment back 3x, have become fully booked with a waitlist for their services and mastered their messaging to become so acclimatised to client attraction that they’ve have to open up extra spots to deal with the demand.

get visible as f*Ck

Join me and fellow marketer Tori as we show you how to 10x your reach on social media PLUS tap into the power of SEO. In this 5 hour training you’ll learn the omnichannel marketing strategies that got us both to consistent £5k+ months. 

apply for an seo virtual vip day

Sick of hustling hard and engaging for hours on Instagram to make sales in your business? Time to send in the SEO Search and Rescue team and get found by them instead! A full day of me working on your website to help you get found on Google. 

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