Time to get fully booked on part time hours so you can make £3k-£7k months the norm and build a business that fuels a freedom-filled lifestyle

The Business Basecamp is a circle for women in business who are ready to rise, committed, driven and know that their business success IS inevitable.

Does this sound familiar?...

90% of your sales come from word of mouth and the occasional DM but frankly it’d be nice if you had a rinse-and-repeat process to get clients weekly…you look around at all these people signing clients through social media and think..HOW?!


You spend hours creating the “perfect” grid post for the algorithm to give you
the middle finger and your DMs are feeling frosty AF.


You’re holding back on sharing your client wins because you feel like they’re not as good as Felicia’s who just made £10k in 10 minutes (spoiler alert: they are)


Consistency who? You go HAM on socials for a couple of weeks and then
pull a disappearing act that rivals Houdini.


Your audience isn’t growing and you feel like you’re boring your
existing followers…selling to them feels like a slog.

don’t worry, I’m here to change this narrative….but first, step away from that boost post  button right now before you do something silly… 

the Business Basecamp is where you’ll discover ORGANIC marketing

that gets you seen, sought after and sold out!

if you're ready to...

Design juicy AF offers, craft messaging that screams ‘BUY ME NOW’ and understand sales and marketing so well that selling becomes your new fave thing.


Make enough money to take your business on the road full time, work and travel..build a business that’s not something to just live off but a business that helps you live your best life. 


Become the go-to in your industry, a recognised and referred leader in your space
so that whenever someone mentions the type of business you do, you’re the first person
that comes to mind.


Throw the “shoulds” out of the window and become a Marketing Maverick yourself.


Learn and implement the strategies to keep clients around for more than their initial 3-month period and send their customer lifetime value into the stratosphere.

About me...

Hey hey, I’m Sally, Marketing Maverick, Omnichannel Marketing (that means marketing your business on more than one platform BTW) enthusiast, seasoned online service provider and I’m on a mission to put more money in the hands of women like you because frankly we fucking deserve it.


My journey to fully booked business owner deffo wasn’t a clear-cut, straight and narrow path but it equipped me with the tools and knowledge to navigate you through ANY marketing and business sh*t storm and help you sell out with simplicity.

i spent most of my 20s...

travelling and working and as I approached 30 – I knew that the travel bug was never gonna leave and I wanted to build a business that gave me freedom of choice and fulfilment…


at the time I was freelance content writing, here and there..but everytime I booked a trip I’d run out of clients and cash.


I founded 49 North Digital in 2021 after years of being in the freelancer in the feast/famine cycle… I wanted something more sustainable and have spent the last three years building on my 5 years prior experience to create a business that I’m not just fully booked in, but one that I’m OBSESSED with too.

i don't do cookie-cutter

and I want to help you make your marketing efforts feel fun so that you’re eager to show up and sell out your offer suite.


Right now, you feel like you’ve been standing in the way of your own success, and holding yourself back with marketing…whether it’s from lack of clarity. 


But it’s time to create a clear, unobstructed route to the summit of your success and become fully booked and thriving in your online business.

what it's like working with me

the business basecamp framework

I’ve built a signature framework designed to help you stand out to sell out. It’s based on the buyer journey – a proven marketing framework that leverages and leads your audience to buy from you

are you ready to start the climb?

Your summit to sold out looks like …


Step one is building a community. Learn the omnichannel marketing strategies I use to 10x my and my clients’ reach to get hundreds of new eyes on our businesses every single day…plus how I grew 1k followers in just one week by creating community content.


Learn to leverage and nurture that community, build that know like and trust factor, and guide them through the customer awareness journey so that they’re knocking down your DMs to work with you.


Learn to sell through value and sell without selling. Discover the most effective (and non-sleazy) ways to message your offer and INVITE the sale; driving a consistent flurry of enquiries on the daily.

multiple offers

Post sale, this is where most people stop…but it’s not over yet and THIS is where your marketing gets interesting. Did you know it costs 5x more to attract new clients that it does to keep them? I’ll teach you to market multiple offers so you can keep your clients in your world for longer and increase their lifetime spend with you.


Boost your brand by letting your current clients do the marketing leg work FOR you. Deliver exceptional client experience so they champion your business; broadcasting how f*cking epic you and your service is. Customer advocacy through broadcasting turns your followers into a small fortune.

high cash months, multiple revenue streams, random trips
booked, a freedom-filled life... it's less than 12 months away

let's break it down...what's in it for you?

Let’s see what 12 months of support will look like…

Monthly Trainings/Workshops (Worth £3600)

Pre-recorded trainings dropped into your personal portal
every single month so that you can smash your sales goals with ease

Monthly Q&A Call with Sally (Worth £5388)

Catch up with your coach and ask anything and everything related to your trainings,
marketing and selling out your products and services

Monthly Coworking (Worth £2364)

Since actions peak louder than words (spot the motif), let’s come together
to co-work once a month to map out our marketing moves

Community Slack Support (Worth £5964)

My business would be nothing without the community I’ve built and the same goes for you…
a place to network and collab with your peers and support/cheer each other on.

Quarterly Planning Sessions (Worth £1796)

What are you selling this quarter? Your marketing strategy is fuelled by your sales strategy so once a quarter we’ll meet up to roadmap your current months, capacity plan and make sure you nail your sales goals.

Guest Experts (Worth £1997)

Quarterly marketing trainings from leaders in their field to
elevate and enhance your new found marketing know-how

total value for 12 months


but you won't be paying close to that...


£2,222 or £222/mo

founders pricing

£997 or £97/mo

only available for the first 20 people who join

plus these incredible founders bonuses

Bonus 2024 planning session (held in December 2023) (worth £297)

An email welcome sequence template (worth £700)

5 TikTok script templates (worth £49)

SEO Optimised ChatGPT prompts  (worth £97) 

5 Sales IG Story Templates (worth £97)

Pinterest Pin Templates (worth £29)


Pay in Full Bonus: 60-min 1:1 with Sally (worth £497)

bonus value


that’s £22,875 of value and 12 months working together for less than a cup of coffee a day!

your payment options...

Pay annually

12 months subscription in the business basecamp
£ 997 Founders Rate Pay in Full
  • Monthly Trainings
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Monthly Co-Working
  • Community Accountability/ Support
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • Quarterly Guest Experts
  • Pay in Full Bonus: 1 x 60-minute marketing road mapping session with Sally (worth £497)
Best Value

Pay Monthly

12 months subscription in the business basecamp
£ 97 Per Month
  • Monthly Trainings
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Monthly Co-Working
  • Community Accountability/ Support
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • Quarterly Guest Experts


Sadly not, this is a 12-month container for women who are serious about selling out their offer suite. If you fancy a taster of what it’s like to work together, I have a tonne of EPIC resources inside the digital shop, so you can see if I’m your vibe… I won’t be offended if not 😉

I want you to have skin in the game. I’m not here for people who wanna dip their toes in and then give up after a few weeks. 

There’s POWER in consistency and I know that after 12 months together your life AND business will change.

F*ck no! The strategies I teach have helped coaches, service providers, product based businesses/ecommerce brands and bricks and mortar businesses. 

Sales pages require specificity so I’ve spoken to the service provider a lot here, but I have the capacity to support other business owners too.

Variety is the spice of life and I want to build a community of people who aren’t ALL just online space so we can learn and grow together.

The Community officially opens on Monday 8th January, with our first Q&A call scheduled for the 23rd January. But for everyone who joins as a Cyber Monday Maverick will get bonus access to the community from December 1st and a bonus 2024 planning sesion on December 13th at 3pm UK /10am EST/7am PST. 


Your bonuses and access to the portal will be with you on Monday 8th January 2024.

Upon joining, everyone will get access to some fundamental stuff to get you set up for success. 

Access to the Buyer Journey and Customer Awareness Journey Training and access to the Master Your Messaging bundle so you can do the deep work around your ideal client, your messaging and explore having a motif for your brand. 

Then, every month, new trainings will be dropped to help you based around the buyer journey and the first three stages my signature CLIMB framework; Community, Leverage and Invite…which will be enough to get you fully booked in your business.

I want this to be a bit of a two-way street community wise so I haven’t planned too far in advance, meaning you can request specific trainings on topics you’re struggling with. 

Yes you can join anytime, upon enrolment you’ll get access to a portal with all the previous calls and trainings that have been dropped in.

At present, the Business Basecamp isn’t capped but I promise if you attend the calls I will make sure your marketing questions are answered. As the business basecamp grows, more calls will be added to accommodate more people.

Trainings/Workshops will be dropped the 1st Wednesday of each month. If we have a live workshop it’ll be at 6am PST/9am EST/2pm GMT

Coworking will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6am PST/9am EST/2pm GMT.

Q&A will be the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6am PST/9am EST/2pm GMT..

Occasionally, the schedule may need to change, but you’ll be given plenty of notice. 

If you can’t attend Q&A I will give you the opportunity to drop questions prior to the call and make sure I answer them on the call so you have them on replay

As the group grows I will begin to put on additional Q&A calls to ensure everyone can access one Q&A per month.

Abso-bloody-lutely! I feel like that’s all I need to say on that 🤣

I can't wait to help you create results like these

This is your fork in the road moment, you have two options right now…


One stay where you are, keep playing the guessing game trying to figure all 

this marketing malarkey out. 

Two join us inside the business basecamp and gain access to a seasoned service provider who’s fully booked and knows what it takes to hit consistent £7k months. 

Which path are you taking?