Xmas SEO Bundle

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What’s Included:

  •  SEO 101 Masterclass: Your Roadmap to Ranking on Page One of Google (Worth £97)

Summit to the top of the search engine results pages with our SEO 101 Masterclass. Designed for business owners who are ready for ridiculously fast, tangible results, this masterclass is your direct route to SEO success.

Forget about solely selling on social media and relying on reels for visibility. You’ll walk away from this masterclass knowing exactly how to:
  • Transform Your Website: into a lead-generation machine. Optimising for organic traffic that works tirelessly, even when you’re offline…or off grid.
  • Demystify SEO: Cut through the jargon with a straightforward breakdown of what SEO is and why it’s crucial for your business.
  • Differentiate Between On-Page vs Off-Page SEO: Master both facets of SEO with strategies that ensure you cover all bases for maximum impact.
  • Master Google: Understand why Google should be the cornerstone of your digital strategy and how to leverage it to outperform competitors.
  • Implement our ASCEND Framework: THE six-step strategy to fast-track you to the first page of Google, ensuring your site reaches its peak potential.
Our masterclass is more than just another SEO training—it’s an investment in your digital autonomy.
With expert SEO coaching from our founder Sally, you’ll learn how to secure your site’s ranking on Google, giving you the freedom to take a step back, look up AND enjoy the effortless ascent to the top of page one.
Ready to elevate your online presence?
Join the SEO 101 Masterclass and start your ascent today.
  • My SEO Success Bundle (Worth £73) featuring:
  • SEO Success Workbook (worth £19)
Every SEO success story starts with a strategy. Follow the prompts in the workbook to help you map out your SEO strategy over the next six months and spy on your competitors to see what they do better.
  • Keyword Research Tracker & Walkthrough (worth £9)
    So you’ve spent hours doing keyword research, maybe added a few to your site…but now what? Well you need to see if they actually work on your website, otherwise they’re just sitting and collecting dust. I use this keyword tracker to help monitor keywords I’ve been specifically targeting for my SEO clients to see EXACTLY what keywords work for them.
  • Simplified SEO Site Audit Checklist (worth £9)
    There are over 200 factors that go into ranking on Google…overwhelming, right? It doesn’t have to be. I’ve created a SIMPLIFIED SEO checklist based on what I know works best to get you found on page one of Google in no time at all
  • 7 Figure Blog Post Framework (worth £19)
    If noone reads your blogs, there’s a good reason for it. Before I founded 49 North Digital I was a freelance content writer for many multiple 7-figure brands, I’ve even written several blog posts for a multi-BILLION DOLLAR company. I know what works when it comes to creating blogs that your readership LOVES which is why I created my propietary framework that will get your posts to rank higher.
  • SEO Blog Post Checklist (worth £9)
    Blogs are more than a few words thrown on a page. If you really want them to rank on Google, then there’s more that goes into it than meets the eye. This is the EXACT checklist I use every, single, time I write a blog to ensure it comes out on top.
  • Google Business Profile Optimisation Checklist (worth £9)
    Google business is almost like another mini website for your business, you don’t even NEED to have a website to tap into the power of Google business. This profile optimisation checklist will help you to rank at the top of the pages whenever anyone searches “near me”.
  • Backlinks Tracker (worth £9)
    If only your on-page optimisation was enough…sadly it isn’t and Google wants to see PROOF that you’re as credible as you say you are, which is why you need backlinks…and some powerful ones at that. I use this backlinks tracker to make sure I consistently stay on top of getting citations to my site which means Google will give me a gold star and rank me higher than my competitors…and now I wanna share that process with you.


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